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The University of Pittsburgh

The Pittsburgh MIDAS National Center of Excellence aims to protect the US and the global community against communicable infectious disease threats by improving our nation's ability to predict potential epidemics, by devising strategies to prevent the emergence or re-emergence of pathogenic microbes, and by responding rapidly when necessary to mitigate the impact of a spreading epidemic. Currently, we are developing computational tools and models in the following project areas;

1) Applied Modeling of MRSA
2) Computation, Visualization, & Optimization of Models
3) Environmental Effects
4) Viral Evolution
5) Behavioral Modeling
6) Estimation of Parameters
7) Policy and Preparedness

In addition, we are creating programs aimed at educating and training professionals and students from diverse fields of study, cultural backgrounds, and educational backgrounds, to understand the role of infectious disease modeling and its broader impacts.

MIDAS Project Website: Pittsburgh MIDAS National Center of Excellence

Principal Investigator: Donald Burke, MD

Investigator: John J. Grefenstette, PhD

Collaborating Institutions: Johns Hopkins University
                                                  Investigator: Joshua Epstein, Ph.D.

                                                  Imperial College, London
                                                  Investigator: Neil Ferguson, OBE FMedSci

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