Harvard School of Public Health

Harvard School of Public Health

The Center for Communicable Disease Dynamics at Harvard School of Public Health is focused on improving methods for mathematical modeling and statistical inference on infectious disease data, engagement with policy makers to use the results of transmission dynamic studies to improve decisions, and outreach to multiple constituencies to provide education about communicable disease dynamics, tools for their analysis, and opportunities for interaction with scientists in the field. Research topics include pandemic preparedness and response; development of methods for communicable disease data analysis, especially in the early period of disease emergence; seasonality of infectious diseases and the interactions among different seasonal diseases; antimicrobial resistance; methods for surveillance; and investigating the mechanisms of long-term coexistence of strains within genetically diverse pathogen species. Educational initiatives include enhancement of the Interdisciplinary Concentration in Infectious Disease Epidemiology, outreach to quantitatively gifted students who are members of groups underrepresented in public health, and further development of teaching materials on transmission dynamics for both professional and doctoral students. Other partnerships include opportunities for short- and longer-term visiting fellowships for collaboration with public health professionals in government agencies, interaction with health and science journalists, and development of software tools for public distribution.

MIDAS Project Website: Harvard School of Public Health

Principal Investigator: Marc Lipsitch, D. Phil.

Photo Credit: Stephanie Mitchell/Harvard University News Office

Collaborating Institutions: The University of Hong Kong
                                                  Investigator: Benjamin J. Cowling, Ph.D.


                                                  Brigham and Women's Hospital
                                                  Harvard Pilgrim Health Care
                                                  Oregon State University
                                                  University of Washington
                                                  Massachusetts General Hospital
                                                  Boston University

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