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Presentations from the 9/23/2013 MIDAS Modeling for Science and Policy Symposium

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"Computing to Save Lives" This presentation by Dr. Lauren Ancel Meyers at the Grand Opening of the New Computer Science Complex at the University of Texas at Austin in 2013 articulates the reasons for modeling infectious diseases. Bill Gates was the keynote speaker. View her talk here. View the recorded event here.

"The Public Health Dynamics Seminar Series" is designed to promote systems thinking in public health, including approaches based on network analysis, agent-based simulations, and complex adaptive systems research, among others. Sponsored by the GSPH Public Health Dynamics Laboratory and the following University of Pittsburgh GSPH projects: the NIH/NIGMS Models of Infectious Disease Agent Study (MIDAS), the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Vaccine Modeling Initiative (VMI), and the CDC Public Health Adaptive Systems Studies (PHASYS). Videos from seminars can be seen here.

American Community Survey video featuring MIDASĀ