This page will be dedicated to providing up-to-date reporting from official sources and the media about the Chikungunya Virus. Updates will be added regularly as long as necessary. Check back frequently for updates. 


News & Briefings

  • Examiner, Apr 2014 : Dominican Republic releases first chikungunya case numbers (Posted 5/2/2014) 
  • ABC News, Apr 2014 : Outbreak of chikungunya virus affects 10,000 people in Tonga (Posted 5/2/2014) 
  •, Apr 2 : St Lucia records first case of chikungunya disease (Posted 5/2/2014) 
  • Timesofindia, Feb 13 : Mosquitos not the only city insects that bite, says AMC (Posted 5/2/2014) 
  •, Apr 2014 : Chikungunya Virus News Gathered from Google (Posted 5/2/2014) 
  •, Apr 4 : Health official detect first cases of mosquito-born chikungunya in Dominican Republic (Posted 5/2/2014) 
  •, Apr 2014 : What is Chikungunya (Posted 5/2/2014) 
  •, Mar 26 : Prepping for chikungunya in the United States 

    Chikungunya is new to the Western Hemisphere. It arrived in the islands of the eastern Caribbean in Dec. 2013, and is slowly spreading. (Posted 4/2/2014) 

  •, Mar 27 : Country under alert on possible chikungunya fever outbreak 

    Santo Domingo - Health minister Freddy Hidalgo on Wednesday warned that the country is under a heightened alert from a possible outbreak of chikungunya fever. (Posted 4/2/2014) 

  • WHO, Mar 2014 : WHO Chikungunya Fact Sheet (Posted 4/2/2014) 
  • Thedailybeast, Mar 5 : Chikungunya: The Mosquito-Borne Virus That Contorts Your Limbs 

    Thousands in the Caribbean have been infected with an incurable mosquito-borne illness that renders patients feverish and immobileâ€"interminably. Why Americans could be next. (Posted 4/2/2014) 

  • Cidrap, Feb 18 : Expert says chikungunya likely to keep spreading 

    With chikungunya, a viral disease that causes severe joint pain, spreading in the Caribbean, a US expert said today that the virus is likely to reach other parts of the Americas, possibly including the United States. "We expect chikungunya to continue to spread to other areas in the Americas," said J. Erin Staples, MD, PhD, of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), during a teleconference to educate clinicians about the mosquito-borne disease. (Posted 4/2/2014) 

  • Foxnews, Feb 11 : Chikungunya fever: Will the virus spread to the US? 

    Health experts are concerned that chikungunya fever a debilitating mosquito-borne disease that was once confined to Africa and Asia has now spread to the Caribbean and may soon begin to make its way across North and South America. (Posted 4/2/2014) 

  • Jamaicaobserver, Mar 2 : More cases of chikungunya virus reported in the Caribbean 

    The ECDPC said in the past week, 293 new cases of chikungunya have been reported in the region, with confirmed ones in St. Martin (French), Martinique, St Barthelemy and Guadeloupe. (Posted 4/2/2014) 

  • Cbcnews, Feb 13 : Chikungunya travel health warning for Caribbean expands 

    Chikungunya travel health warning for Caribbean expands Public Health Agency of Canada reminds visitors to Caribbean to take precautions against mosquitoes" (Posted 4/2/2014) 

  • News-medical, Mar 2014 : "What is Chikungunya?" 

    What Chikungunya (in the Makonde language "that which bends up") virus (CHIKV) is an insect-borne virus, of the genus "Alphavirus", that is transmitted to humans by virus-carrying "Aedes" mosquitoes. (Posted 4/2/2014) 

  • Bionews-texas, Mar 27 : Locally Transmitted Chikungunya Fever Expected To Arrive In U.S. Soon - Texas Likely Breakthrough Locale (Posted 4/2/2014) 
  • Wall Street Journal, Feb 28 : Approach of Mosquito-Borne Virus Has U.S. on Alert (Posted 4/2/2014)