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Lee BY, Brown ST, Cooley PC, Zimmerman RK, Wheaton WD, Zimmer SM, Grefenstette JJ, Assi T-M, Furphy TJ, Wagener DK et al..  2010.  A computer simulation of employee vaccination to mitigate an influenza epidemic.. Am J Prev Med. 38(3):247-57.
Lee BY, Brown ST, Korch GW, Cooley PC, Zimmerman RK, Wheaton WD, Zimmer SM, Grefenstette JJ, Bailey RR, Assi T-M et al..  2010.  A computer simulation of vaccine prioritization, allocation, and rationing during the 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic.. Vaccine. 28(31):4875-9.
Lee BY, Burke DS.  2010.  Constructing target product profiles (TPPs) to help vaccines overcome post-approval obstacles.. Vaccine. 28(16):2806-9.
van Panhuis WG, Gibbons RV, Endy TP, Rothman AL, Srikiatkhachorn A, Nisalak A, Burke DS, Cummings DAT.  2010.  Inferring the serotype associated with dengue virus infections on the basis of pre- and postinfection neutralizing antibody titers.. J Infect Dis. 202(7):1002-10.
Yang Y, M Halloran E, Daniels MJ, Longini IM, Burke DS, Cummings DAT.  2010.  Modeling Competing Infectious Pathogens from a Bayesian Perspective: Application to Influenza Studies with Incomplete Laboratory Results.. J Am Stat Assoc. 105(492):1310-1322.
Cooley P, Lee BY, Brown S, Cajka J, Chasteen B, Ganapathi L, Stark JH, Wheaton WD, Wagener DK, Burke DS.  2010.  Protecting health care workers: a pandemic simulation based on Allegheny County.. Influenza Other Respir Viruses. 4(2):61-72.
Zimmer SM, Crevar CJ, Carter DM, Stark JH, Giles BM, Zimmerman RK, Ostroff SM, Lee BY, Burke DS, Ross TM.  2010.  Seroprevalence following the second wave of Pandemic 2009 H1N1 influenza in Pittsburgh, PA, USA.. PLoS One. 5(7):e11601.
Lee BY, Brown ST, Cooley P, Potter MA, Wheaton WD, Voorhees RE, Stebbins S, Grefenstette JJ, Zimmer SM, Zimmerman RK et al..  2010.  Simulating school closure strategies to mitigate an influenza epidemic.. J Public Health Manag Pract. 16(3):252-61.
Lee BY, Norman BA, Assi T-M, Chen S-I, Bailey RR, Rajgopal J, Brown ST, Wiringa AE, Burke DS.  2010.  Single versus multi-dose vaccine vials: an economic computational model.. Vaccine. 28(32):5292-300.
Morens DM, Burke DS, Halstead SB.  2010.  The wages of original antigenic sin.. Emerg Infect Dis. 16(6):1023-4.