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Toner ES, Adalja AA, Nuzzo JB, Inglesby TV, Henderson DA, Burke DS.  2013.  Assessment of serosurveys for H5N1.. Clin Infect Dis. 56(9):1206-12.
van Panhuis WG, Grefenstette J, Jung SYon, Chok NShong, Cross A, Eng H, Lee BY, Zadorozhny V, Brown S, Cummings D et al..  2013.  Contagious diseases in the United States from 1888 to the present.. N Engl J Med. 369(22):2152-8.
Yonas MA, Burke JG, Brown ST, Borrebach JD, Garland R, Burke DS, Grefenstette JJ.  2013.  Dynamic simulation of crime perpetration and reporting to examine community intervention strategies.. Health Educ Behav. 40(1 Suppl):87S-97S.
Grefenstette JJ, Brown ST, Rosenfeld R, DePasse J, Stone NTB, Cooley PC, Wheaton WD, Fyshe A, Galloway DD, Sriram A et al..  2013.  FRED (a Framework for Reconstructing Epidemic Dynamics): an open-source software system for modeling infectious diseases and control strategies using census-based populations.. BMC Public Health. 13:940.
Reich NG, Shrestha S, King AA, Rohani P, Lessler J, Kalayanarooj S, Yoon I-K, Gibbons RV, Burke DS, Cummings DAT.  2013.  Interactions between serotypes of dengue highlight epidemiological impact of cross-immunity.. J R Soc Interface. 10(86):20130414.
Kumar S, Grefenstette JJ, Galloway D, Albert SM, Burke DS.  2013.  Policies to reduce influenza in the workplace: impact assessments using an agent-based model.. Am J Public Health. 103(8):1406-11.
Burke DS, Grefenstette JJ.  2013.  Toward an integrated meta-model of public health dynamics for preparedness decision support.. J Public Health Manag Pract. 19 Suppl 2:S12-5.
Shim E, Grefenstette JJ, Albert SM, Cakouros BE, Burke DS.  2012.  A game dynamic model for vaccine skeptics and vaccine believers: measles as an example.. J Theor Biol. 295:194-203.
Stark JH, Sharma R, Ostroff S, Cummings DAT, Ermentrout B, Stebbins S, Burke DS, Wisniewski SR.  2012.  Local spatial and temporal processes of influenza in Pennsylvania, USA: 2003-2009.. PLoS One. 7(3):e34245.
Stark JH, Cummings DAT, Ermentrout B, Ostroff S, Sharma R, Stebbins S, Burke DS, Wisniewski SR.  2012.  Local variations in spatial synchrony of influenza epidemics.. PLoS One. 7(8):e43528.
Word DP, Cummings DAT, Burke DS, Iamsirithaworn S, Laird CD.  2012.  A nonlinear programming approach for estimation of transmission parameters in childhood infectious disease using a continuous time model.. J R Soc Interface. 9(73):1983-97.
Potter MA, Brown ST, Lee BY, Grefenstette J, Keane CR, Lin CJ, Quinn SC, Stebbins S, Sweeney PM, Burke DS.  2012.  Preparedness for pandemics: does variation among states affect the nation as a whole? J Public Health Manag Pract. 18(3):233-40.
Salje H, Lessler J, Endy TP, Curriero FC, Gibbons RV, Nisalak A, Nimmannitya S, Kalayanarooj S, Jarman RG, Thomas SJ et al..  2012.  Revealing the microscale spatial signature of dengue transmission and immunity in an urban population.. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 109(24):9535-8.
Potter MA, Brown ST, Cooley PC, Sweeney PM, Hershey TB, Gleason SM, Lee BY, Keane CR, Grefenstette J, Burke DS.  2012.  School closure as an influenza mitigation strategy: how variations in legal authority and plan criteria can alter the impact.. BMC Public Health. 12:977.
Lee BY, Brown ST, Bailey RR, Zimmerman RK, Potter MA, McGlone SM, Cooley PC, Grefenstette JJ, Zimmer SM, Wheaton WD et al..  2011.  The benefits to all of ensuring equal and timely access to influenza vaccines in poor communities.. Health Aff (Millwood). 30(6):1141-50.
Lee BY, Connor DL, Kitchen SB, Bacon KM, Shah M, Brown ST, Bailey RR, Laosiritaworn Y, Burke DS, Cummings DAT.  2011.  Economic value of dengue vaccine in Thailand.. Am J Trop Med Hyg. 84(5):764-72.
Fraser C, Cummings DAT, Klinkenberg D, Burke DS, Ferguson NM.  2011.  Influenza transmission in households during the 1918 pandemic.. Am J Epidemiol. 174(5):505-14.
Lee BY, Song Y, Bartsch SM, Kim DS, Singh A, Avery TR, Brown ST, S Yilmaz L, Wong KF, Potter MA et al..  2011.  Long-term care facilities: important participants of the acute care facility social network? PLoS One. 6(12):e29342.
Lee BY, Assi T-M, Rookkapan K, Wateska AR, Rajgopal J, Sornsrivichai V, Chen S-I, Brown ST, Welling J, Norman BA et al..  2011.  Maintaining vaccine delivery following the introduction of the rotavirus and pneumococcal vaccines in Thailand.. PLoS One. 6(9):e24673.
Lee BY, McGlone SM, Wong KF, S Yilmaz L, Avery TR, Song Y, Christie R, Eubank S, Brown ST, Epstein JM et al..  2011.  Modeling the spread of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) outbreaks throughout the hospitals in Orange County, California.. Infect Control Hosp Epidemiol. 32(6):562-72.
Stebbins S, Cummings DAT, Stark JH, Vukotich C, Mitruka K, Thompson W, Rinaldo C, Roth L, Wagner M, Wisniewski SR et al..  2011.  Reduction in the incidence of influenza A but not influenza B associated with use of hand sanitizer and cough hygiene in schools: a randomized controlled trial.. Pediatr Infect Dis J. 30(11):921-6.
Lee BY, Assi T-M, Rookkapan K, Connor DL, Rajgopal J, Sornsrivichai V, Brown ST, Welling JS, Norman BA, Chen S-I et al..  2011.  Replacing the measles ten-dose vaccine presentation with the single-dose presentation in Thailand.. Vaccine. 29(21):3811-7.