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Haidari LA, Connor DL, Wateska AR, Brown ST, Mueller LE, Norman BA, Schmitz MM, Paul P, Rajgopal J, Welling JS et al..  2013.  Augmenting transport versus increasing cold storage to improve vaccine supply chains.. PLoS One. 8(5):e64303.
Yonas MA, Burke JG, Brown ST, Borrebach JD, Garland R, Burke DS, Grefenstette JJ.  2013.  Dynamic simulation of crime perpetration and reporting to examine community intervention strategies.. Health Educ Behav. 40(1 Suppl):87S-97S.
Grefenstette JJ, Brown ST, Rosenfeld R, DePasse J, Stone NTB, Cooley PC, Wheaton WD, Fyshe A, Galloway DD, Sriram A et al..  2013.  FRED (a Framework for Reconstructing Epidemic Dynamics): an open-source software system for modeling infectious diseases and control strategies using census-based populations.. BMC Public Health. 13:940.
Everett KH, Potter MA, Wheaton WD, Gleason SM, Brown ST, Lee BY.  2013.  Geospatial analytics to evaluate point-of-dispensing sites for mass immunizations in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.. J Public Health Manag Pract. 19 Suppl 2:S31-6.
Lee BY, S Yilmaz L, Wong KF, Bartsch SM, Eubank S, Song Y, Avery TR, Christie R, Brown ST, Epstein JM et al..  2013.  Modeling the regional spread and control of vancomycin-resistant enterococci.. Am J Infect Control. 41(8):668-73.
Haidari LA, Connor DL, Wateska AR, Brown ST, Mueller LE, Norman BA, Schmitz MM, Paul P, Rajgopal J, Welling JS et al..  2013.  Only adding stationary storage to vaccine supply chains may create and worsen transport bottlenecks.. J Public Health Manag Pract. 19 Suppl 2:S65-7.
Lee BY, Singh A, Bartsch SM, Wong KF, Kim DS, Avery TR, Brown ST, Murphy CR, S Yilmaz L, Huang SS.  2013.  The potential regional impact of contact precaution use in nursing homes to control methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus.. Infect Control Hosp Epidemiol. 34(2):151-60.
Lee BY, Wong KF, Bartsch SM, S Yilmaz L, Avery TR, Brown ST, Song Y, Singh A, Kim DS, Huang SS.  2013.  The Regional Healthcare Ecosystem Analyst (RHEA): a simulation modeling tool to assist infectious disease control in a health system.. J Am Med Inform Assoc. 20(e1):e139-46.
Assi T-M, Brown ST, Kone S, Norman BA, Djibo A, Connor DL, Wateska AR, Rajgopal J, Slayton RB, Lee BY.  2013.  Removing the regional level from the Niger vaccine supply chain.. Vaccine. 31(26):2828-34.
Lee BY, Brown ST, Bailey RR, Zimmerman RK, Potter MA, McGlone SM, Cooley PC, Grefenstette JJ, Zimmer SM, Wheaton WD et al..  2011.  The benefits to all of ensuring equal and timely access to influenza vaccines in poor communities.. Health Aff (Millwood). 30(6):1141-50.
Lee BY, Connor DL, Kitchen SB, Bacon KM, Shah M, Brown ST, Bailey RR, Laosiritaworn Y, Burke DS, Cummings DAT.  2011.  Economic value of dengue vaccine in Thailand.. Am J Trop Med Hyg. 84(5):764-72.
Lee BY, Song Y, Bartsch SM, Kim DS, Singh A, Avery TR, Brown ST, S Yilmaz L, Wong KF, Potter MA et al..  2011.  Long-term care facilities: important participants of the acute care facility social network? PLoS One. 6(12):e29342.
Lee BY, Assi T-M, Rookkapan K, Wateska AR, Rajgopal J, Sornsrivichai V, Chen S-I, Brown ST, Welling J, Norman BA et al..  2011.  Maintaining vaccine delivery following the introduction of the rotavirus and pneumococcal vaccines in Thailand.. PLoS One. 6(9):e24673.
Lee BY, McGlone SM, Wong KF, S Yilmaz L, Avery TR, Song Y, Christie R, Eubank S, Brown ST, Epstein JM et al..  2011.  Modeling the spread of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) outbreaks throughout the hospitals in Orange County, California.. Infect Control Hosp Epidemiol. 32(6):562-72.
Lee BY, Assi T-M, Rookkapan K, Connor DL, Rajgopal J, Sornsrivichai V, Brown ST, Welling JS, Norman BA, Chen S-I et al..  2011.  Replacing the measles ten-dose vaccine presentation with the single-dose presentation in Thailand.. Vaccine. 29(21):3811-7.
Brown ST, H Y Tai J, Bailey RR, Cooley PC, Wheaton WD, Potter MA, Voorhees RE, LeJeune M, Grefenstette JJ, Burke DS et al..  2011.  Would school closure for the 2009 H1N1 influenza epidemic have been worth the cost?: a computational simulation of Pennsylvania. BMC Public Health. 11:353.